I use an ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Android 8.1.0 with a Sandisk Ultra 64gb micro SD. It was only today (14 Jul 2019) that my gallery wasn't showing ALL my photos. Camera photos, my reaction meme folder (I know you all have one as well dont lie), basically all the folders on my SD card. It only showed the photos I had saved in my internal memory.

However, my file manager detects that I do have an SD card and I am able to move my photos from internal to external storage.

After moving all the files, the gallery showed the photos that I moved, but with an SD card logo on the top left of the album.

So I tried placing the SD card on the Oppo R7 plus Android ver 5.1.1 and I have not placed an SD card on the phone since I reformatted it. The gallery could detect some albums, not all. It also could not load all of the photos from 1 album (photos accumulated for over a year and a half). Even after restarting the phone, it didn't load all the photos. :(

Is it the SD Card that's the problem or my phone? I really am not sure. Please enlighten me. :(

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