One advantage in using app2sd ( or link2sd ) was that if all your apps are totally linked

when you swap out phones you would hope to 'carry' your apps with you and of course space savings to /Data

I know how linking works but my question is about how app2sd and link2sd "remember' how apps are linked.
I am facing a constant problem where my ext4 partition # 2 does not automatically mount. I have to do soft-reboot or use "Mount 2nd partition" after the boot. It does not want to do this on runtime and after this only partially linked apps will show up. I am rooted via Magisk with Global Namespace turned on .
One of the consequence of this is if an app is 100% linked it Just disappears ...WTF ..whoa ! what a waste of time linking. Why does is do that . What's happening under the covers ?
Both these are clone apps but I have been using app2sd for sometime after Link2sd dev. wont reply to emails ( I had the paid version )
These apps store linking info into an app2sd database ...why then cant this info be preserved. All my apps that are 100% linked ( well to be precise those apps that have apk , and Libraries ( lib ) linked as against data and ext_data and cache . So an app with apk linked and data , ext_data & cache on internal would still fall in the 'disappear' category ) keep disappearing Those that are part linked will appear .

  • apps are still there, maybe just the links are gone. you can manually link again with ln -s it will be recognized from Link2SD. besides this you can place mount script in /data/adb/post-fs-data.d or /data/adb/service.d just mount your ext4 partition to /data/sdext2 on earlier stage. remember these apps are outdated and developed for low memory devices with android 2.3.6, you have a native ext4 partition meanwhile called adoptable storage – alecxs Jul 15 '19 at 23:59
  • Hi Thx for revert. /data/adb is not there on 7. Also for my SD card which has ext4 partitions it will not recognize this and wants to format it. For adoptable storage , It should have asked me if I want to use the card partition as adaptable storage. So I dont think ext4 is respected for adoptable storage ( else If you know how I can get Android to recog. this & convert it to adoptable storage do let me know) – user1874594 Jul 16 '19 at 7:38
  • the other Q is .. yes for a handful apps I can manually link how can I do this for a ton of them . Apparently link2sd ( in my case app2sd ) has a DB that stores all this info. so in case links are broken , the DB can help ( ? I 'd assume so but Need confirmation) .. why then do all 100% linked apps disappear ? – user1874594 Jul 16 '19 at 7:41
  • post-fs-data.d is folder from magisk, sure you have it. why then do all 100% linked apps disappear? Probably sdcard mounted too late android.stackexchange.com/questions/214233 adoptable storage can make your sdcard 50:50 (for example) one is vfat other is encrypted ext4 partition – alecxs Jul 16 '19 at 12:12
  • problem with adoptable storage is that ext4 is not supported since I i n rooted I can use the ADB method and give any kind of mix I want... but the second partition it will create is a fat32..so coming back to my concern .. I would like to devote a separate third partition for all apps that are extremely write sensitive such as a WhatsApp. and and isolate it from my main partition. Idea behind this also has to do with wear leveling algorithm which I read is active in micro SD card - if file system is based on FAT cf ext4 which is not based on any file allocation table & so does – user1874594 Jul 18 '19 at 22:09

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