I've got a Chinese Lenovo Z5 phone and an Amazon Fire HD 8, which do not come with Google Play Store by default. I know how to manually sideload APK and install Play Store, however I am not sure about the dependencies.

As far as I know the Google Play Services is an absolute requirements. Other than that, some services for account and/or authentication are needed to ensure normal operation. What are they? I've done this a long time ago so I cannot remember.

  • Don't think anything except for Play Services is needed. Not sure if sideloading it would make it work, though. – SSS Jul 20 '19 at 6:38
  • You can take a look at microG. It provides a light-weight alternative to Google Services which is much more privacy friendly. And there's reports of working Play Store installations with it – though, unless you've bought apps that use Play's license check, you could simply use Yalp or Aurora instead of Play Store and keep it light-weighter, not even needing Play Services at all. See my list here for the links to Yalp & Co. And especially F-Droid ;) – Izzy Jul 20 '19 at 8:27

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