I'm on an Android and my device is a Huawei. I got this device a few months ago and I don't want to root my device because I don't trust myself.

Is there a way to delete an app without deleting app data?

If possible, I don't want to use ADB because I don't know any good apps and my computer is in a bad state and I just don't want to use it. Even if it's a hard or complicated way, I might do it. I do have other devices that might help.

  • Possible duplicate of How to fully backup non-rooted devices? Jul 20 '19 at 5:55
  • Don't think it's possible, especially without root. When an app is uninstalled all its folders are automatically deleted unless it explicitly creates a folder in your internal storage (which is why many apps do).
    – SSS
    Jul 20 '19 at 6:06
  • @SSS for "user apps" it is easily possible, see my answer below. For pre-installed apps you need root, and a more complicated approach.
    – Izzy
    Jul 20 '19 at 8:22
  • @lzzy is there any good abd app? how do I open abd
    – Aaron P
    Jul 20 '19 at 12:23
  • @gaurav patil and how am I supposed to acess root files without rooting?
    – Aaron P
    Jul 21 '19 at 1:05

Assuming you are talking about apps you've installed yourself (and not about pre-installed apps), you can utilise for this. You need to know the app's package name first (the part shown in the Play Store URL in the id= parameter, or at F-Droid following the /package/ in the URL). Then, with your device connected:

adb uninstall -k <app.package.name>

replacing <app.package.name> by the app's package name. The -k parameter is telling uninstall to keep the app's data. So when you next install the app, the data is already there and will be used.

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