I have a Samsung Galaxy Y (galaxy Young) GT-S5360 La Fleur edition with Android ver 2.3.6

Following method 1B given here, I first found an CWM update.zip file for my phone model from here

I also took a backup after booting into the recovery screen using this update.zip file

It created a clockworkmod\backup\2011-05- folder and this folder contains the following files:

.android_secure.vfat.tar 2 KB
cache.rfs.tar 60 KB
data.rfs.tar 166284 KB
nandroid.md5 1 KB
system.rfs.tar 216314 KB

Using the tutorial here, I managed to download android 7 nougat ROM, and it boots and works file (up to now, sometimes shows a crash message, not sure where it's from)

I tried going into recovery mode again (it turns out after after following all the steps of the tutorial above, when I press power+home+Volume up to go to the recovery screen, the built in recovery screen has already been replaced by the CWM one for good, but I think it's probably not important for now) and when I go to the restore option, the restore process completes almost immediately (so I suspect it is failing for some reason, but I can't see any relevant log message)

Then the screen goes back to the CWM recovery menu, and if I select restart system it boots back into the nougat 7 ROM

How do I restore my phone to my previous state (that is, back to gingerbread) using CWM recovery backup?

  • You can find logs of the process at /cache/recovery/last_log. That would be helpful to see what's going on. If you could paste it to a site such as pastebin.com or which ever you choose then attach the link to your post. – Bo Lawson Jul 20 at 11:53
  • @BoLawSon Thanks I'n not at that computer anymore I'll post an update as soon as I get a chance to get back at it – user17915 Jul 20 at 13:59
  • Sounds good, just a heads up the last_log file is within your GT-S5360. – Bo Lawson Jul 20 at 14:35

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