My friend bought some codes for Google Play credit for me, but when I tried to redeem them, the aforementioned code came up. Through some research, we've discovered this could either mean the person who sold them wasn't from America, so the codes won't work here, or the codes just haven't been activated (only one person said that was the solution for them, but it may still be the problem here). We don't know what country they're from for sure, so please don't give us the cookie-cutter advice to set my account to the country of purchase, thank you very much.

So is there any way to either:

  • Find their country of origin so we can resell them to someone from there and use the proceeds to buy codes that work here
  • Activate them (if that is the problem), keeping in mind my friend bought them online and, to keep it a surprise, deleted the email receipt (figures, the one time you may ever need one you delete it :P)
  • Just use the codes somehow. And keep in mind all those gmail hacks you find on YouTube are at least two years old and don't work anymore, at least not that we've found.

Any help would be appreciated!

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