In the Android app LINE, since yesterday, I started receiving spam messages like this one (below the advertisment):

enter image description here

The spammer (with the name "LINEスタンプ" in this case) appears in my messages list despite not being my friend.

I have deleted the conversation, but more messages have kept coming yesterday and today.

Is there any way to block or report the spammer?

  • I would rather not open the message.
  • The long-press menu does not show any block option, only "Delete" which I tried already.

The "LINEスタンプ" account is automatically added (with your permission nor knowledge) to your friends (in the "Official accounts" tab) when you download any stamp collection:

enter image description here

Long-press it and select "block":

enter image description here

Then delete the conversation. It should not reappear this time.

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