I would like to share multiple photos:

  • Directly from a WhatsApp chat (e.g. inside "Media" in a WhatsApp group)
  • to another app (e.g. email, Dropbox, etc.)
  • without having to search in my phone's gallery.

I know you can go to the WhatsApp folder inside "Gallery", select the desired pictures and share them. However, this can be a difficult task if you try to find 2 or 3 pictures among a thousand other pictures you may have. Is it possible to do it directly from WhatsApp?

In the WhatsApp app for iOS you can select multiple photos, click the "share" icon and select a specific app to share your photos with. In the WhatsApp app for Android, however, I have only seen this option to work with a single photo (Open a photo > Tree dots button > Share), but I can't see any way to do it with multiple photos. Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help!

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