I've connected a MIDI keyboard to my Moto E4 and I'd like to decrease the audio latency. I've searched online and found that Android OS doesn't do a great job processing audio signals quickly. Is there something I can do about this? This is a phone I don't use, so I'm open to anything - I've looked at options involving another OS (haven't found any), or rooting the OS and maybe something then. I'd like to prioritize the audio signal as much as possible, I need to run one app and then output from the phone. Thanks for your help!

  • Android is not a Real-time-OS, and the selected device is AFAIR a low-end one. Therefore I would recommend first to disable all apps that are active by default and that are of no use to you. Especially some of the pre-installed Motorola apps. Alternatively a clean custom ROM may be an option. Anyway do you have a way to measure the audio latency or is everything up to your subjective recognition? – Robert Jul 27 at 10:54
  • @Robert I'm going by ear. Do you know a custom ROM that you would recommend for this? – Artemmm Jul 29 at 0:29

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