OK, I have an LG Stylo 2 MS550 originally flashed for the Metro PCS carrier with a stock Android 7 ROM.

I've re-flashed the phone with a lineage custom OS ROM to Android 7.1.2.

I've also flashed the recovery partition with TWRP and used it to root the phone.

Also, the bootloader is unlocked.

What I'd like to do is change the splash screen that initially pops up when the phone is initially powered on.

To be clear, I'm NOT talking about the boot animation.

I've easily changed that simply by re-writing the .zip in the appropriate system folder.

What I want to do is get rid of the "LG Powered by Android" logo that the bootloader puts up right after power on.

How do I accomplish this?

Is the bootloader code stored somewhere in the system directory?

Or is it some super low level code burned in a ROM register on the processor itself so no one can get to it?


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