I was rooting my device and I screwed it up but I got twrp to runs and I installed Lineage OS. But after I restarted my device, there is a tiny n/a in the corner until the Lineage's logo appears. I searched for a while but came up dry. It's not that bad but I would like something else to be shown instead of n/a. Thanks for any help.

  • So I downloaded the zip file and in the menu selected moto e1/2 and I added an image and I transferred the zip to the phone and then tried to flash it and it spit up error code 6 – Caleb Keatts Aug 3 '19 at 14:19

There are two ways of doing it, but both methods will require some files.

Method 1: fastboot

  1. Aquire a splashscreen file in the format of '.bin'. You can either search for splashscreen .bin files made for your device, or find a tool that allows you to convert and image to a splashscreen .bin.
  2. Put your phone in bootloader mode manually or with adb:
adb reboot bootloader
  1. Flash the new logo to the device:
fastboot flash logo filename.bin

Method 2: TWRP

  1. Install TWRP as your bootloader (in your case you already have)
  2. Aquire a zip file specifically crafted for your device to flash a splashscreen logo*
  3. Copy the zip to your phone via OTG or SD-card and flash it with TWRP

*Note: as far as I've seen the zip file only needs to contain three files:

  • META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary
  • META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
  • logo.bin OR splash.bin OR logo.img

But they have to be specifically crafted for your device, and in order to do that you will need a tool. See this XDA thread to find a guide with tools for your device.

Edit: I checked the thread for your phones product line, it looks like the E4 Plus is unsupported, at least nobody has added support for it here. You might need to look elsewhere for a tool that can make images for your phone.

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