I'm using rar on my honor play device to extract archive files. It works perfectly when I extract an archive file on the internal storage but when I use it to extract the same archive file on my sdcard I got some errors. I wil attach a pic showing the problem.

My device info. Name: Honor Play. Android: 8.1 Rar version: 5.71 .build72

"A screenshot showing the problem when I try to extract a file on the sdcard

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    Apps need special permissions to get write access to the "external sd card". Did the app ask you get set these specific permissions? Furthermore the app has to use a special API for accessing the files, otherwise it will never work. There also devices know that have bugs regarding certain file-systems (like exFAT) that prohibit write access to the sd-card for within apps. – Robert Jul 30 '19 at 14:09

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