I really don't know if this should be in Android Enthusiasts, since this involves diverse questions and environments, but O decided to ask here since the objective here is to have Android Auto installed. Well, I bought the Newsmy Cardpad 2 some time ago, for my Volkswagen California Beach, and I've been using it for a while. I've been having issues with it since the moment I've had it. But since I've already bought it, and it's not cheap. I've been dealing with them paciently.

I read some time ago that someone got Android Auto installed on a Raspberry Pi, and I liked the idea to have one connected to the monitor I have, removing the Android module of the Newsmy, and replacing it with a Raspberry Pi running Android Auto.

I've been investigating though the XDA thread where all the documentation for the Newsmy is, and I found out that the communication port of the Android Device is a Firewire connector. I've been searching ways to connect the Firewire to a Raspberry Pi, but I don't find any, so I can't even start testing things.

If any of you could guide me a little bit arround this. I'd be really pleased.

Thank you in advance.


Found out that it's a custom made Firewire connector. Trying to find the connector's schematic.

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