As per title, my phone is rebooting itself constantly, and logcat is showing up the following error immediately before reboot:

installd: Device /data has 760963072 free; requested 1048576000; needed 287612928

Device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 running LineageOS 15.1 since 01/11/2018.

I can boot into recovery or download just fine, the phone will remain stable and will not reboot.

There is no temperature issue.

This problem has occurred previously though I was unable to get the logcat at the time. I fixed it by reflashing the ROM, then when it happened again very soon after I updated to the latest release of the same ROM and the problem went away for months. I've had short spontaneous reboot loops a few times since while charging and has seemed to coincide with Google Play trying to update apps. On the most recent recurrence, I disabled auto-updates and reflashed the ROM and I was able to boot into the OS and open apps, etc, but then after 30mins to an hour of uptime I would use an app or plug the phone in and it would begin bootlooping again, and now reflashing the ROM is having no effect.


1st spontaneous reboot after enabling USB debugging/ADB - this one has the installd error, but not as the final event


2nd spontaneous reboot - installd error is final event


3rd spontaneous reboot - installd error again as on subsequent logcats


Any insight into what might be causing this, and how it might be fixed, would be greatly appreciated.

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