I have a rooted custom device (Android 8.0), I can use adb and run su and do whatever I want in the shell. But SuperSU or any other app cannot find root. I have made a symlink from /system/xbin/su to /system/bin/su but it still does not work.


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/system/xbin/su is a normal su binary that's shipped with userdebug or engineering builds of ROMs. It gets you root access by making syscall setuid. On the other hand, with SuperSU or Magisk root, a special binary is placed at /system/bin/su (or some other path) which works quite differently. For details see How Magisk works?.

So, with only a working /system/xbin/su executable, your device isn't essentially "rooted". SuperSU or Magisk won't work with this binary. And so the apps cannot get root access.

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