I added a second account in the GMail aplication, in order to be able to send/receive mail using that account.

I realized that the account has been added not only for GMail, but the Market (Play Store) also sees both accounts now.

Is there a way to keep the second account only in GMail?


You can't do this because:

  • There's only one Google Services Framework running for all accounts.
  • Google Accounts credentials are stored centrally from where Google Apps authenticate.

But, there's a way to solve your issue: Turn on IMAP from Gmail settings. And, use IMAP in default Email app or K-9 Mail app. Done!
Play Store can't see it..

  • After much testing of different apps, I find the best solution is to use the free BlueMail app. This allows me to add e-mail accounts to check (Gmail and others), without needing to add the accounts "globally" to the device. For example, an extra Google account being used for "e-mail only" won't show up in the Google Play app. Also, it supports new authentication methods like OAuth2, is user friendly and has e-mail support. – Goto10 Mar 16 '17 at 11:27

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