So, I'm gonna tell my story.
I have made my SD Card broken, because I used adoptable storage.
I'm using LG Leon.
As you might have know, LG doesn't allow making SD cards internal storage. I had to use a guide that required me to use ADB.
So what I did? I opened ADB, wrote: "sm list:disks" or something similar, and then did type something to format the SD card as internal. Everything worked for a day or more, and... I moved an app (for some reason it didn't automatically save to SD card) and... well... my phone restarted.
Then it got into a bootloop, and it wouldn't turn on until I would get my SD card out the phone.
Then my SD card stopped to be recognisable (yes, I tried to get it out the phone and insert it back). Then I pressed "Forget SD card" or something similar.
Now my card isn't recognisable on my phone or on my laptop.
Please help me.

  • you did nothing wrong. just repeat all steps with another sd card. run diskmgmt.msc or gparted from terminal for re-partitioning the "broken" one – alecxs Aug 6 at 15:07
  • @alecxs Could I get a little step-by-step guide? Also, I don't have a second SD card. – DokiDokiMagikku Aug 7 at 16:53

Usually a smartphone can't corrupt an SD-card by using it. The only possibility to degrade an SD-card would be by a large number of writes over a long time (I am talking about months or even years).

Are you sure that the SD-card is really broken? May be you simply need to re-partition it.

In case the card is really dead I see two possibilities:

  1. The SD-card you have is a fake, claiming to have more memory than actually available on the flash chips inside. If the SD-card was new and the price was cheap compared to the size than this is the reason for a very high probability. I strongly recommend to test every new SD-card on your PC using a program that allows to identify SD-card fakes like H2Testw

  2. The quality of the SD-card was so poor that something went totally wrong (e.g. overheated) so that the SD-card is now defect.

  • nope, my sd card isn't even recognisable by my pc and laptop. – DokiDokiMagikku Aug 28 at 11:08

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