I was searching for an answer but I couldn't find any explanation if I'm able to flash update.zip of Titanium backup to non-rooted device.

  • Only if that unrooted device has an open/custom recovery, like twrp. – Izzy Aug 8 at 7:00
  • I adb sideloaded update..zip through twrp and I got bootloop, then sideloaded Magisk and sideloaded update.zip again and it fixed. So, don't you think it has to be rooted or this is the problem of my phone? – prako2 Aug 8 at 9:17
  • make sure the issue is not related to secure boot source.android.com/security/verifiedboot/dm-verity – alecxs Aug 8 at 9:49
  • TWRP has root access. And to what @alecxs wrote: that would explain why flashing Magisk solved it (Magisk does deal with dm-verity, as I know first-hand from one of my devices). – Izzy Aug 8 at 21:51

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