I have Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 9. Once in a few days happens to me that I have no internet connection on this device. Cannot load any page in Chrome, cannot connect in Speedtest app. Device is connected to wifi on which other devices(nb, other smarthones) work. The same is true for mobile data using 4G. Phone is connected to the network but could not load anything. But what is weird, I can succesfully connect to my vpn and then I can load anything without problem. Disconnecting from vpn resumes the problem. I have tried Kaspersky and Eset antivirus with no findinds. Also reset network settings with no success. Any ideas?

  • Sounds like an OS bug since WiFi does actually still work the other way. In the past I've used wifi fixer, but looks like that's no longer good, still might be another app like that though. I hate to say it if it didn't work but a factory reset could maybe work. At the same time, might need to wait for an update. And before both of those make sure to reboot and test that. Also, you can see if just turning wifi off and back on fixes it. In that case an app like wifi fixer that continually checks if wifi is working can automatically toggle wifi on and off for you thus "fixing" it until real fix. – CmosBattery Aug 11 '19 at 17:27

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