I have a phone running android 6. The phone was working fine but recently it has started showing issues with notification.

The notifications are not displayed until apps are open from launcher. This include Whatsapp and Hangouts. Sometimes notifications are displayed after long delay automatically.

I have tried steps I found on whatsapp site and other places on Internet. What could be the issue?

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    This is all notifications for all apps? It sounds like OS battery optimizations for app bg alarms or if not all apps then the ones affected may have changed the bg alarm API and presents this problem. I'm not aware of any other reason why apps in bg would have delayed notifications. It shouldn't be the apps notification code but the service that created it being delayed hence the alarm being delayed hence battery optimization. I suppose there could be a notification setting though that restricts it to what you're seeing. On my device no setting fixes delayed notifications though. – CmosBattery Aug 11 at 17:01

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