My Moto G5 sd reader doe not work anymore, and does not read the SD card that was adopted and encrypted. I want to access the sd card to save the data/pics etc.

I thought that I could use an external SD reader, and that the phone would recognize that this is the "internal" card, and hence give access to the data. It does not seem to work: using a file reader like amaze, I see the OTG option, but nothing happens? Which steps could I do? Note my phone is not rooted.


PS: an alternative would be to read the SD card in my Linux machine, and follow the instructions from this page, this one or this guide. My understanding is that I would need to root my phone, and hence potentially loose all data anyway.

  • you are right, you will lose data when rooting with common bootloader unlocking method. you need root access to get a copy of /data/misc/vold. try to root with Kingoroot (with locked bootloader) or try to get backup with QPST + HDDRawCopy (no root required) forum.xda-developers.com/general/rooting-roms/… – alecxs Aug 11 at 11:00
  • OTG mounts are different from block mounts. the card reader will work with other MicroSD Card, but it can not handle encryption of adopted storage – alecxs Aug 11 at 11:09

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