I have followed instructions to disable voice search on my 6.0 device but this button remains in place on the lock screen.

enter image description here

Clicking this button takes me to a locked-up white screen which has no function because I disabled it, but opening that screen interrupts media playback. It's easy to set it off by mistake e.g. when putting my hand in my pocket or moving the phone and it's driving me absolutely insane.

How can I completely disable or remove this button, so that it is not possible to click on it at all?

  • GravityBox [M] app (requires a rooted device with Xposed framework) can remove that icon from lock screen. I have it removed in my device. You can alternatively try a lockscreen app from Play Store which offers customization but such apps are deemed unsafe from security point of view. – Firelord Aug 13 at 9:02

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