I got a new Samsung Galaxy A50 and am having issues with setting up Gmail on it. On trying to do so, (despite having a decent internet connection) when I click on add account (as per this) but on entering the password and account details, it keeps on looping in the checking server page and never proceeds. I've attempted this many time but to no avail. On the same page, I've tried opting for the manual route and selected POP3 and 110 as the port for the server connection to Gmail but it keeps on failing the connection might not be secure and asks to attempt again with changed settings. Is there some certificate issue on the device that I might need to install or is it that my device is compromised that may be inhibiting Google from allowing the device to host a Gmail account?

P.s. This is running Android 9 and I already have an existing Gmail account. Also, there's a "Samsung account" added with the same email.

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