Android Version: Pie (latest update)

Phone age: Around 1 year (the guarantee expired in June 2019)

Since updating 1 month ago, my phone randomly started pausing Spotify and other apps when the screen is off, regardless of the battery level or the battery saver settings. I checked, and the apps are allowed to run as background processes. It only seems to affect apps that play sounds.

It's insanely annoying because I can't see any patterns. I noticed that restarting the phone stops this from happening so I set it to restart every morning. This worked for a while but now the issue came back.

Right after that update, another thing happened. I turned my phone off and the next morning it refused to turn on. It took booting into recovery mode to be able to turn it on.

Any idea what to do about this? Ideally, I don't want to reset my phone.

Edit: Seems like this only happens when wifi is on.

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