About a week ago, my primary phone, a Galaxy J5 with Android 8.1, started displaying the infamous "Internet may not be available" message when connected to the router available in the flat where I live. This phone has been connecting daily to this WiFi network without issue for well over a year. All other devices and systems I could test are able to use this WiFi connection without issue: ChromeOS, LineageOS, Raspbian, Ubuntu.

So far I tried to following:

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Reset the Networking settings to default.
  3. Modify DHCP to a fixed IP.
  4. Forget network and add it back manually.

After step 4 the phone no longer connects to this network. Whenever in range, it shows the network name in the available list for a split second and removes immediatly.

Are there any other tricks I could try to get this phone connecting to this WiFi network?

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