I just installed my "Allwinner" Android 9 head unit. FCC sheet says it's a JBY-6201 if that means anything.

MCU is "STM32-20190606-11-KC2-26"

I have a few issues:

Can't get my OBD2 dongle to pair in bluetooth nor can I install 3rd party BT setting apps, they say no permission when I try to "turn on BT".

I can't figure out how to get into recovery mode to try and root it. I've tried just about every combination of holding down buttons and such as I could... maybe I missed the one I needed.

I can't even figure out where I'd turn on developer options as it has no "build number" in the info and tapping 7+ times on the other options don't do anything either.

Any ideas? Here is a link to the unit.


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