For backing up data from and repairing a stock Samsung Galaxy S2 (see How to copy / modify data from a soft-bootlooping Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)), I used a recovery ROM (PhilZ-cwm6-XWMS3-FOP-5.15.9-signed.zip, SHA256: 406a617e8b378384bde40dd2dc6234c0660a1b4f592b6c25b3be6b6f078b9eec). This recovery ROM works without having to re-install the stock firmware (which, on this phone, is normally required). As a side-effect, it also installed the "Superuser" app, making it possible to become root.

After turning on the phone a few times, I was asked whether I want to allow "Automation Test" to gain super user privileges. What application is that and where does it come from? It seems like it is stored here: /system/app/AutomationTest_JBUP.apk.


According to this thread from Xda-developers, AutomationTest_JBUP.apk is listed among the apps that can safely be removed from a Samsung Galaxy S2. That will mean it comes installed by the manufacturer as default app.

Its package name is com.sec.android.app.DataCreate and analysis of a subsequent version shows that it is from Samsung. I have no idea of its purpose.

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