As'slamu Allekum (Peace to you guys) I have an old mobile phone LG F180 Korean variant (the one with antenna thingy). it was hard bricked by a friend, I don't know, how. But after that I had put it somewhere, now I got it again and trying to revive it. Problems I am facing. Its hard brick stuck on LG logo when I charge, it only says "file battery charging 8 png is missing" although it saves charging and all that. When I connect it to PC (Windows 10) it connects, shows under devices manager. But when I put it in Download mode and connect to pc it is only shown as USB composite device with an exclamation mark over it. after searching internet for too long I got all the files neccessory to flash it but LG Flash tools does not detect it. I also tried installing QHUSB Drivers but still the phone is shown as USB Composite device with an exlamation mark over it. please help me revive it.

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