In the process of installing LineageOS on my OnePlus 6 A6003, I accidentally pressed "reboot to system" when there was no OS installed. How can I get back to TWRP? I've tried holding Power+Vol Down but it just boots with the oneplus logo then unlocked bootloader warning then black screen with the status LED on.


You need to press vol-up + power and then briefly (1-2 secs) let go of the power button (don't let go of the vol-up button yet!) and hold it down again until you see the TWRP splash screen.

  • When I do this I just get back to fastboot mode – retnikt Aug 21 at 8:30

I solved my problem with this tool.


Download the zip;
Unpack the zip in a folder;
Reboot the OnePlus 6 in fastboot mode (Power and volume-);
Connect the OnePlus 6 to PC;
Run flash-all.bat flasher you need;
Wait until the process end;
The phone will automatically reboot.

Downloads: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=271877

  • Hello. Would you please follow our How to Answer guide to write a good, self-contained answer. As the answer currently is, it would lose its usefulness if the link expires. Links are supposed to be mentioned to download some item or suggest a reading material. – Firelord Aug 22 at 15:33
  • @Firelord but the answer will be useless anyway if the link goes down because the tool itself will be inaccessible...? – retnikt Aug 22 at 17:58
  • the tool might be available on some mirror or some other forum/website but the tutorial might not be. – Firelord Aug 22 at 18:03

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