Example: someone will share a link to discord. When I click the link, I will be asked which app I want to open link with. However, when I click the desired app, the app won't open. If I want to open link with firefox, firefox won't launch. If it's a youtube link and click the youtube app, youtube app won't open either.

This is not an issue with discord app itself: same thing happens on gmail's 'open in browser' option, and same happens in the nextcloud app (except nextcloud doesn't even prompt me).

This issue doesn't go away after re-install of the app, and it doesn't happen with all apps (reddit and firefox will open content in other apps just fine).

Wiping cache/dalvik partitions doesn't work. Wiping /data/Factory reset fixes the issue, but I really want to avoid that as I don't fancy spending the afternoon and the evening redoing 2FA, logging into various services and reconfiguring everything again.

I'm using rooted Redmi Note 4 (nikel) running Android 6.

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