I have an LG V35 ThinQ currently running Android version 9. I have multiple accounts set up on the phone including Google, Facebook, Microsoft Exchange, etc. They're all set to auto-sync.

When I open up the Gmail app (which is linked to one of the two Google accounts set up on my phone) and attempt to add recipients to new email, I'm expecting it to autocomplete email addresses that I have ever sent an email address to previously like it does in the Gmail web app. This is how things worked on my previous phone. When I go to Gmail in my phone's web browser, it also behaves as expected.

There are a few email recipients that are available for autocomplete which appear to be coming from my Google Contacts. So to be clear... the Gmail app on my phone is only showing email addresses that exist in my Google Contacts (I only have a handful...) rather than using my Gmail email recipient history like it does in the web app.

How can I set the Gmail app to use Gmail email recipient history for autocompleting new email recipients in the Gmail app?

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