I have been reading up on android x86 lately and would like to know if it can read /dev/md0 (RAID5) created by mdadm (with ext4 partition on it) and whether it is possible to use applications such as miniDLNA on there or not.

Reason: I have a PC, which my family should use via a touchscreen while at the same time have it serve stuff within the home. I probably could find android apps, too, but am not sure if they'd work.

My family is familiar with android and Windows GUI, but not Ubuntu with Unity or MATE. I like the latter, but android would be self-explanatory and if I could have it run some applications I am used to from Ubuntu, I'd give android x86 a try.

Or is it possible to have a DE similar to that of android on a Ubuntu (or any other distro) system?

  • Really? Noone at all? – Igor Aug 27 '19 at 23:21

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