I have a tablet that someone gave me to fix. It is just some generic chinese mediatek tablet. It hangs forever at boot. The android logo pops up and then it just sits there in the animation forever. I have opened the recovery console and played with the options there. I have reset it to factory and wiped the user cache. adb will not see it using adb devices. Even if I go into the recovery console and click on the option "sideload from adb" adb refuses to see it. I can get the device to boot up into fastboot and then fastboot can see it, but the problem with this is that the bootloader is not unlocked and everytime I do a fastboot oem unlock and select yes on the tablet, it fails for some reason and then reboots into fastboot. When I try to boot or write an img from fastboot, it will not let me write to the partitions boot or recovery. I would like to know if there is some janky roundabout way to unlock the bootloader so that I can boot up my recovery image or some sort of nuclear option that will let me reformat and rewrite the partitions. I don't know if it will help or not, but the processor claims to be a mt6580 and the motherboard has a number on it that lists it as a kt961C12_80_216_v3.0. I have looked into it and successfully found a recovery image from the random Taiwanese company that made it, so if I can get it to allow me to boot it up, I can get the device unstuck.

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