As the subject line suggests .Can i delete the system image partition on my kenzo?Theres a system partition as well.Both show up on twrp recovery. Ive been looking everywhere for an answer, but cannot seem to find one . Im trying to free up some space . Can anyone help?

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  • userdata is the only partition you should be concerned with when dealing low-storage issue. Tinkering with rest of the partitions would do no good to you. – Firelord Aug 25 '19 at 2:34

You're probably confusing TWRP backups with existing partitions here. TWRP backs up in two different ways:

  • image: a disk image (i.e. a block-wise copy)
  • tar: disk contents (i.e. a file-wise copy)

So you have two backups of the same partition here. Also see my answer on Trying to understand the options in TWRP backup for more details.

Moreover, if you want to "free up space", /system is the wrong place to start. Rather check with the questions linked from our insufficient-memory tag wiki for this task.

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