I have a Huawei P10 Lite (WASLX1) and it can not boot to android as the result of a update bug(while trying to complete the update in erecovery mode, it faces the error "Getting package info failed" while trying to get the update over wifi. A search in Google shows that it's a very common error that looks like that no one has been able to fix it yet! But now, I've gave up trying to boot to android. I just want to back up my data before factory reset) Is there any way to copy the contents of the phone's internal storage to my pc in this unstabe mode? Note: I have access to fast boot mode.(But I don't think I have the usb debugging enabled) It shows that FRP is locked. And at last, I am using the official Huawei android and I haven't made any modification to system firmware, using a custom ROM or ...

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