On my Galaxy Note 4 I have XPrivacy installed which informs me about newly installed and updated apps.

In PlayStore I've set "App download preference" to "Ask me every time" and "Auto-updte apps" to "Don't auto-update apps"

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Nevertheless XPrivacy informs every couple of days about random apps being updated. Sometimes it's PlayStore itself being updated, sometimes other apps - mostly a bunch of them at the same time so I doubt it's some self-updateing feature of those apps.

Is there any known policy overriding my "I don't want PlayStore to update apps without asking or even informing me" setting?

Security reasons?

I feel betrayed...

  • Check which apps are updated. Most likely they are Samsung specific and they are updated by the "Galaxy Store" not Google Play Store. – Robert Aug 26 at 11:04
  • Next time I'll get unwanted updates I'll post them here but these are definitively not Samsumg apps only. Examples I can remember include the Play Store itself and CamScanner – frans Aug 26 at 12:38
  • The Play Store and the play store support libraries are not apps and therefore are not affected by any "Do not update" policy. Especially the PS libraries even update over cellular even if you have set only to process updates via Wifi. – Robert Aug 26 at 13:36

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