I got an iView 7" Android tablet about a week ago, and it's been doing fine until today. This is the product on NewEgg

In short; it seems my internal storage just won't accept any changes of any kind, which is causing all manner of odd errors.

I have gone to the extent of trying a Factory Reset; powering off, holding Vol-Up, Home and Power; waiting for the prompts, and choosing the Factory Reset option. But it did not work - after rebooting, everything is just like it was before; My ADW Desktop is still there; all my programs and data, everything.

Of course, it's not usable as is, though; Programs don't work as intended. Some (Like Facebook and Calendar Storage) Force Quit as soon as I unlock the home screen. Others will Force Quit during operation - usually, one can tell, when it's needing to save some data. Yet others appear to operate, but don't save their data; the program apparently just 'swallows' the error.

Some system functions don't even work; for instance, I can't connect to WIFI; when I turn it on, the WIFI item in the settings area just shows "Error".

I can't even uninstall programs. Well, I can; But as soon as I reboot, they are back.

Via the file manager, I can not modify any of the files on the user area of the internal SD Card.

The tablet is rooted (it comes rooted; I did not do this myself), and using ES File Explorer I can go to /system/app/ and I can, for example, rename APK's and it appears to take effect as you would expect, but then as soon as I reboot, the program is back in the state it was in before.

All I have done with root access on this device is installed Superuser and ES, then mounted the system so I could rename the Phone.apk and Telephony.apk files so they would not run, since this is a tablet with WIFI only. I did that as soon as I got the table last week, and it hasn't given me any other troubles. Now, those files can't be renamed back to their original permanently.

So, I'm wondering if perhaps my internal memory card is fried or something? It seems odd that the behavior would be so predictable with a hardware error like that, but who knows?

Anybody have any idea?

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I am facing the same issue with my VOX V81 tablet. I formatted its internal storage and did a factory reset. But when I rebooted it, it came to its previous state.

I suppose that it is due to the Avast Mobile security I installed on this tablet; after installing Avast, this problem started. So I suggest you to uninstall any antivirus or mobile security application.

  • In my case, factory reset also did not work. I needed to actually flash the ROM and completely reformat the thing. I still have no clue why it happened in my case; I didn't have any antivirus/security apps installed at all. But this might help someone else with the same problem, so +1 Dec 7, 2012 at 15:33

Well, I have solved the issue, though I have no idea why or how it occurred.

What I did was flash the ROM, including reformatting the internal storage. In the process, I've updated the tablet to ICS.

I won't accept this answer right away because I'm not sure if someone might have experienced this recently and knows a bit more about it than I do.

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