The police have lost my smartphone that i pay a monthly contract for. It has been lost for 3 months but i am holding out hope that it will be found as i am currently in communication with them hoping they will find it.

My question is - if i get a fresh simcard from my provider and put it in a new smartphone, will I recieve all text and whatsapp messages that have been sent over this 3 month period while the phone has been off and inactive?

PS. I'm not actually in trouble with the police, no crime cases have been opened. It was just sort of a misunderstanding. Long story.

  • That depends on if your device was up and running with online connection or not. According to this article Whatsapp messages will be deleted after 30 days if they can't be delivered (e.g. if the receiving device is offline). If the device was up and the message was received Whatsapp may also have performed it's automatic online backup to cloud. In such case on a new device with the same phone number Whatsapp may be able to restore the messages from online backup. – Robert Aug 28 '19 at 13:01
  • 30 days is WhatsApp's legal policy for undelivered messages. Similarly you have to check with your provider for text messages. – Irfan Latif Aug 28 '19 at 13:06

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