Is there any way to switch Chrome profiles while using the Chrome mobile phone app?


There is no way to change Chrome profiles on Android/iOS as per Google Chrome Help here.

But, you can use apps like Parallel Space to have multiple chrome profiles.


I figured out how to do it. Go to settings on your android phone, Then select Chrome and "Clear All Data".

When you switch on Chrome again, you can find an option to select a Primary account. Then you can select the account you want.


There is supposed to be:

If you open Chrome on Android, Menu, Settings, and select your account.

But this just takes you on an endless loop.

I wish changing your user on the phone settings would also change all your apps to log in as that user.


Ugh. The closest I got was removing the account I didn't currently want to use, but then it took some finagling to get the account I wanted to use working properly. Very frustrating.

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