I'm using a custom e-mail for my Microsoft account as primary alias, using my own domain. When using this custom alias the name of the account in the Outlook app suddenly become very strange. It becomes something like outlook_asd123asdf1234@outlook.com. This doesn't look good in the notifications.

enter image description here

I've changed the "Description" of the account but the app doesn't seem to be using it for notifications and instead uses some kind of internal e-mail address for that purpose.

enter image description here

I'd like to have my custom e-mail address used instead but I haven't found any option for this.

The list of aliases in the app settings also use these "internal" email addresses instead of the real email address I've added. I've 2 custom aliases and I can see two strange "internal" addresses in the list of aliases instead of my real aliases.

Has anyone encountered this before and/or know how to fix this?

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