This happened yesterday. The story is that I had installed postmarketOS on my old Nexus 7 (2012) tablet,could SSH into the system - but was not able to install any packages due to "No Space left on device", or at least the partition on /dev/mapper/ (595 MB max). So, foolishly and without doing any research, I created a new partition in the available space and set to reboot.

Of course, it did not reboot at all. Later, came to know that changing the partitions kills the android device. Someone on IRC told me that it has "hard bricked". However, queries here related to "hard bricks" ("I have a hard bricked Nexus 7") usually can access fastboot. My nexus is at a constant black - unresponsive to any caress.

I also tried the 60 seconds power+vol- thing mentioned here, but to no advantage. I did not try removing battery and playing with its nude form. Should I?Can something be done to bring back the Nexus 7 to life, or anything remotely similar?Would be grateful for any help in reviving my old friend.

edit: - I was into the device using SSH. There were three partitions that I could see - two for postmarketOS showing as /dev/mapper/mmc1 and 2 (40MB and 595MB), the other partition was showing as unallocated space, which was 14GB or so. The 40MB one was the /boot and the 595 MB one was where the packages were being installed (/). I created a new partition from 14GB unallocated one - to created something like a userdata. To confirm the changes, I rebooted.

  • Please explain "I created a new partition in the available space". How exactly did you do this? What tool did you use? And from where did come the free space? – Irfan Latif Sep 4 at 8:39

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