I have a windows 10 desktop and I did a few google searches and from what I have read it's possible to open the file through Android Studio somehow? I have also read stuff to do with perl, java, etc that all have their own set of commands and whatnot.

But they don't go into detail as to what software I need or where to get the software in order to run the commands.

So the issue is I had around 100 tabs open on my phone.. and I was going through them to get that number down. Firefox crashed, and upon reopening it I realized the tabs were gone, even from the "synced tabs" menu on my desktop computer.

Because the tabs had been open on the phone and NOT the desktop I was unable to do anything to do with sessionstore files to recover any of them. So then I realized what I need to do is figure out how to get the sessionstore files off of my phone and at least copied somewhere else. I used something called Holo Backup... and it output a file named backup.ab.

I guess it uses adb debugging and you tell it what you want it to do and it does it. However it seems to be a pretty buggy and old program. But it did give me a file that is around 500mb.

Issue: I have this file but am not sure how to open it... Do I need to somehow extract it to a .tar file... but then how would I open that?

I downloaded and installed Android Studio and wonder if I could open it using that?

To be honest all I wanted is my tabs back that I had open on my phone. But instead I have just been doing hours of searching around and coming up empty handed.

Someone please help me figure out how to open the Android Backup file that I made? I just need to know if I was able to actually get any of the firefox session store stuff off of my phone.

Then if not I need to find a way. Again, it's not rooted so this has been difficult. I have been able to type stuff into the address bar on firefox on the phone to navigate my firefox profile on there.. but there was no option to copy any of the files and the ones I wanted would not load.. they would just open a blank web page. But now I have a .ab file on my desktop that I think should have what I need.

  • I'm afraid not too many people are going to read this wall of text. – Arkadiusz Drabczyk Sep 4 at 21:46
  • 1
    @ArkadiuszDrabczyk Blaine just missed the extra line break to separate paragraphs. Wasn't too hard to fix. // Blaine: Holo Backup utilizes the adb backup command to create backups. You can restore them to Android devices using adb restore <file>.ab. For unpacking, I have a little script called abrestore, but that's for Linux. No idea how to achieve the same on Windows, unfortunately (stopped using that some 25 years ago). – Izzy Sep 4 at 22:24
  • .ab files can be decrypted and extracted using ADB Backup Extractor utility. But as I wrote in your last question Firefox disallows to backup it's files. Therefore you wont find in the backup what you are searching for. – Robert Sep 5 at 7:15

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