Using Macrodroid as discussed here, I was able to set up 2 macros--one ringtone for contacts and a different ringtone for non-contacts. This was done setting the macros as follows.

Macro 1 Trigger: Call incoming (Any contact), Action: Ringtone configure (ringtone for contact)

Macro 2 Trigger: Call incoming (Non Contact), Action: Ringtone configure (ringtone for non-contacts)

However, it does not appear to be functioning as I expected. At first, which ring tone was used appeared to be somewhat random, but I believe what is happening is the following:

When someone calls, whatever the last ring tone that was set is what is used. Then the ring tone is changed based on whether the person is a contact or non-contact. The following call then uses whatever ring tone the previous call set.

So, for example, if call #1 is from a contact, call #2 will use the contact ringtone regardless of whether call #2 is from a contact or non-contact.

Any Macrodroid users have any ideas?

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