I recently upgraded my OnePlus 6 from Android Oreo to Pie (OxygenOS 9.0.8; rooted). This release came up with a restriction that only the apps listed under Settings → Display → Apps to display in fullscreen can use edge-to-edge display (full immersive mode including notch area). As of now, YouTube app (using YouTube Vanced v14.21.54) is not shown in that list, and when I enable immersive mode that app doesn't make use of the notch area at all.

Here's how immersive mode looks like with and without notch area:

(Images edited. Courtesy of OnePlus)


One thing I noticed is that, for the apps in the list if they are set to be launched in fullscreen (including notch area) the appops operation APP_SCREEN_COMPAT is set to deny, while in default state, it is set to ignore. Manually changing it via adb to allow further reduces the immersive mode screen estate.

I tried adding that operation (op) manually for YouTube app but it didn't make any change, including when I force-stopped the app and even restarted the device. The op is reflected in appops query though.

I used this command:

adb shell appops set com.google.android.youtube APP_SCREEN_COMPAT deny

I also tried changing policy_control global settings property to immersive.full=com.google.android.youtube but it didn't make any difference either.

I came across some forums where users shared similar problem with their choice of apps with no solution in sight. I also looked for some related Magisk and EdXposed solution but found none. GravityBox [P] doesn't have any feature either.

So, how do I make sure any of my app can use edge-to-edge display in immersive mode?

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