This problem began between a pair of TWS-8 touch sensitive earbuds and a Samsung Note 2 phone.

Everything worked as advertised until I tried to use them for my original reason for buying them -- sports; specifically cycling.

The sound would cut out so incessantly that my audiobooks would not even be understandable. I then tried them on a Samsung Tab A tablet and found no problem at all. Clearly the very old Note 2 was the culprit, so I bought myself a Samsung S6 as a replacement.

To my great surprise and considerable annoyance the S6 has the same problem! Realizing that the root cause must be in the earbuds, not the Note 2, I paid more attention to the behaviour. I particularly notice that the cuts to the audio coincide with movements in my neck and shoulders!!

I've been writing software for decades, so I am constantly puzzling about how this could happening. Can anyone suggest some further debugging I could try, to figure this out? Are there sensitivity settings that can be tweaked?

(Ideally, I'd like to continue with these earbuds, but not have to bring a tablet cycling.)

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