My phone has 32 GB storage. Every time I reset my phone to get rid of junk, whats app restores everything from my google drive backup while this behavior is expected, i want to modify the google drive back up to selectively remove unwanted videos, photographs etc.

I have tried to delete the media selectively from my phone after restoration. However, the google drive back up repeatedly restores the deleted media. The phone is unusable as a result. How do I selectively remove the media from the google drive back up? Please help.

  • Let Whatsapp restore everything, then delete the backup stored in the drive, disconnect the drive or Google account from whatsapp that stores the backup, then delete the unwanted media from the device, then reconnect the drive with your whatsapp to save the new backup. This should work, probably. Drive doesn't let you download or browse the app backups btw. – Firelord Sep 17 '19 at 23:48

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