For about a month, an unknown app has been occasionally coming up on my cell phone's screen, interrupting whatever I'm doing, displaying a black screen and that rolling circle in the middle that means I should wait.

It lasts a couple seconds or more, then leaves without a trace, returning focus to whatever I was doing before.

When it lasts a little longer, I'm able to press that lower-left button that "zooms out" to all open apps, each with its logo on the top. I'm then able to close it, or take a screenshot.

The logo of our mystery app is a red-and-white megaphone, which I do not recognize. See attached screenshot.

Zoomed-out screenshot of red-and-white megaphone app

That logo does not appear in the list of all installed apps.

The timing seems to be random.

What is this app, what is it doing, and how do I get rid of it?

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9+

I'm running Android version 9

The phone has served me flawlessly for over a year before getting this issue.

I do have many apps installed, some of which are ad-supported games. They all either came preinstalled, or came from the Google App Store.

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    Do you happen to be near your PC when this happens, because troubleshooting requires it? Setup adb in your PC, and whenever this issue occurs again, run these three commands:adb shell dumpsys window windows > windows.txt, adb shell dumpsys activity activities > activities.txt, adb shell dumpsys activity recents > recents.txt. Upload these three files somewhere on pastebin or add their content into your question. – Firelord Sep 18 '19 at 0:01

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