Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, and also sorry for the deluge of pictures. I just cannot explain this properly without them, and as far as I was able to research online, nobody else has this issue.

Years ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from T-Mobile and it is locked to that carrier. The model number is SM-N900T, and the OS is Android 5.0.

The screen got cracked, and buying a brand new Galaxy Note 3 would cost about as much as replacing the screen. So, I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The new Galaxy Note 3 is not from T-Mobile. I ordered it online. The model number is SM-N9005. The "About Device" settings say that it also has android 5.0.

On my old phone (SM-N900T), when I adjust the volume, I see this (LEFT: When I adjust the volume, RIGHT: When I tap on the gear icon):

I'm used to seeing this and I'm stuck in my ways, I don't want to change. When I adjust the volume on my new phone (SM-N9005), I see this instead (LEFT: When I adjust the volume, RIGHT: When I tap on the gear icon):

In a nutshell: When I adjust the volume on my new phone (SM-N9005), I want it look like how it looks when I adjust the volume on my old phone (SM-N900T).

Here is what the "Sounds and notifications" settings screens look like for both phones. On the LEFT is my old phone (SM-N900T), on the RIGHT is my new phone (SM-N9005):

As you can see, the old phone has a "Interruptions" setting which the new one does not have. The new one has a "Sound mode" setting which the old one does not have. From what I found online, my old phone (SM-N900T) has this so called "Priority mode and Interruptions Settings" feature - at least I'm guessing that's what that is. How do I get this in my new phone?

Here are the details for both devices. On the LEFT my old phone (SM-N900T), on the RIGHT my new phone (SM-N9005):

According to an article I read online (I can't post the link because my reputation is too low), Android 5.0 (and >5.0+) devices should support this "Priority mode and Interruptions" setting. Both of my phones, new and old, are android 5.0. So, what gives? Does this come down to the build number? Is this a manufacturer-specific or model-number-specific feature only, and am I screwed? Do I have to flash the new device with a new OS? Any help is appreciated.

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