I've a rooted phone along with FX File Explorer and Root add-on. I also have the following apps installed on the phone:

  • SB Game Hacker
  • Game Killer

When trying to modify the values of gold/coins in game, I've come across 3 use cases so far.

Case 1:

  • I open the game and note down the current value of coins I have.
  • Then I open the SB/GameKiller app and search for that value.
  • Then I go back into the game and decrease/increase the coins.
  • Back to the SB/GameKiller app and re-scan for the modified value.
  • I repeat the process until I'm down to about 5-10 results after which I modify the value in SB/GameKiller app to a value of my liking.
  • After this, when I go back into the game, the new value gets reflected

Case 2:

  • Case 1 fails (where the final modified value doesn't get reflected in the game).
  • So I go to /data/data/<game package folder>/ folder.
  • I usually find a .json file which contains the value of coins/gold.
  • I change the value and save the .json file and go back into the game.

Case 3:

  • Case 1 fails and I do not find any .json file
  • I try to look for a database folder/file inside the same /data/data/<game package folder>/ path but do not find one

In this case, where can a game be possibly storing this value and fetching it from? It can't be a server because I play the game without being connected to the internet. So my best assumption is that the value is stored locally.

Any suggestions?

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I'd recommend decompiling the apk using apktool or any other tool. Then search in .java files for strings containing "\" or "/" . It's time taking but worth a try.


In media,simcard,sdcard,data,dcim,plyprfs,appl.data,android,.profig.os, com.facebook.orca-katana,it's a virtual file there's a bunch of places it could be hiding ✌

  • I doubt that. It was standard installation (not on the sd card but internal memory) so I don't think it would be anywhere except the /data/data/ folder. – asprin Sep 22 at 5:11

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