I have Samsung Galaxy A50 which is my professional smartphone, I use it for work and it is funded by my company. It has some professional software installed in Knox like encrypted e-mail etc.

I am observing problem with Google Play services app/service. I have message coming from time to time saying (translated):

Device Health Services
Enable Google Play Services
Device Health Services app won't work if you do not enable Google Play Services

I've tried to turn off this message by disabling notifications from three apps:

  1. Google Play Service
  2. Device Health Services
  3. FAMOC

This didn't helped. Still I get the same message between few minutes to few hours.

When I click this message I get possibility to enable or stop Google Play Services but the enable button does not work - it does nothing or sometimes is disabled. From this screen it is obvious that the app is stopped. However when going to Settings menu and below I get info that the app is enabled and working.

Stopping the app also does nearly nothing. Clearing data and/or cache does not help. Downgrade of this app is not possible. Deactivation also is not possible.

The app version is 19.2.75 (100400-269183835). It is the newest as I have other phone and the version on it is the same.

The app does not make any problems, there are no errors.

How can I get rid off this message coming from time to time?

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Ok, so I found a solution.

When you block notifications for all 3 apps it is not enough.

You need to hold this specific notification longer and use options there.

Problem solved!

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